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6 Jan – 30 Jun 2022 | Online

Riga TechGirls mentorship program “TechMentor” gathers professionals in the field of IT and tech with the goal of providing support to women developing their talents, taking their first steps in the IT field or advancing their career further in this field.

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Are you looking for an experienced IT professional who will help you plot your career path, help with the development of your skills and assist whenever you need valuable advice from a person who is truly interested in your success? Having a mentor can give you an edge that differentiates you from others.

Program provides: 

- support from a local or an international mentor

- opportunity to network and form working groups with other participants of the program

- environment where tp grow, advance and broaden your skills and knowledge

Selection criteria: 

- The program is available to any woman

- Motivation and goals

- The assessment will be carried out by a special working group together with mentors


12/11/2021 - Sign-up
15/12/2021 - Selection
06/01/2022 - Start of the program
30/06/2022 - End of the program

We'll contact you regarding the results until 15/12/2021.

Find the mentor you trust and apply
for the Riga TechGirls mentorship program till the 12th of November, 2021!

Tech Track description

Participants who are beginners will be attending lessons in the chosen area 1x / month.
You should choose one track.

Front-end development

Goal of this track is to create a small frontend webpage available online, ready to be put on your portfolio to show future employer! 


Back-end development

In the back-end track we will look at the basic elements of back-end development. We will learn: - what does back-end development mean?



During this course you will explore all the stages of the UI/UX design process. It will be a healthy balance with theory and hands-on excercises to get the feel of UX designer's day.



This course will give you a broad overview on Testing and Quality Assurance field. 



The vertical will aim to delve into the details of different engineering fields and how computing can be applied within them.


IT support/

This course is meant to cover everything around IT operations and support. The aim is to describe what operations and support is, how it helps the organisation and its customers.


Project management

The books tell us that IT project management is about planning, organizing, leading and controlling IT projects.


Product management

It’s owning a product in its entirety and maximising the value it creates. Product owners supervise the product backlog and ensure it is up-to-date in terms of priorities and matches the product’s vision.


Cyber security

The World is changing, and cybersecurity threats are rapidly increasing. Everything relies more and more heavily on technology; therefore, digital security is becoming more crucial than ever.


Data analytics/
data science

Data analytics is the future of everything, because it is everywhere. Companies and individuals use data to increase productivity, optimize processes, make decisions, predict trends, recommend products and much more.



It’s a set of tasks, knowledge, and techniques required to identify business needs and provide solutions to issues in enterprises.



Startups are young companies, rooted in tech and innovation, founded to develop and bring to market a unique product or service and validate a scalable business model.


Choose a field you want to discover more and apply

Sign-up until 12/11/2021

Step up your game description

A track for mentees with experience in IT


Ladies with experience that want to “step up their game” in the IT field: boost their skillset, while knowing the basics already: likely finished our previous tracks, have done some work in the IT field or professionals that want to move to the IT field from a non-IT related position.


Advanced mentorship track with the focus on more in-depth topics concerning everyday practices - things that can enhance existing skills and tune up daily work processes presented in an “hands on” manner. Participant engagement is expected.

Topics covered may be relevant to non-IT field participants, but are especially valuable for those working closely with tech / software products.

Track lead - Lota Plezere

Sign-up until 12/11/2021


The IT area is broad; our mentors are experts from different tech areas and cover a wide range of roles - product development, project management, development, testing, UX, IT admin and others


Our Team

Our team behind the mentorship program

Dana Kocāne
Tech recruitment, career consultations
Ginta Šepa
Talent management
Liene Ozola
Project management,
Talent Management
Diāna Butina
RTG co-creator & director of the mentorship program
Irina Točko
Career coach, Talent Management
Dagnija Veide
RTG co-creator & mentor Lead
Anna Andersone
RTG co-creator & CEO
Lota Plezere
"Step up your game" lead 
Diāna Butina
Product ownership, management
 Līga Luca
Talent management, tech recruitment
Diāna Butina
Product ownership, management
 Vineta Bērziņa
Talent management, career coach
 Olga Borisova
Talent management, career consultations, tech recruitment
 Justīne Kravale
Talent management, career coach, tech recruitment

Find the mentor you trust and apply for the Riga TechGirls mentorship program!


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